Chatterley Lustred Pendant


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The Chatterley Lustred Pendant was originally hand sculpted by Carmen Lyngard in 2016. The design is a timeless classic with tapered sides. 

Slip cast in a luxurious premium fine bone china and then finished in a unique lustre finish.

They are made by hand in Stoke-on-Trent, England, using a specialist technique known as reduction firing.

This technique produces a shimmering iridescent glaze that changes colour depending on the light emitted in the room. Metallic elements such as silver and copper are added to the firing process to give the pendant its individual charm. No two pieces are exactly the same, which adds to the design's unique beauty and universal appeal. When the light is switched on a vibrant copper interior adds a warm glow to the room.

The Chatterley Pendant was created by Lyngard in 2016 with the idea of making beautiful lights that would be handed down through the generations, a light that was to be unique and cherished.

The finish was important, a recipe that was handed down through the family to create one of a kind pieces. It took Lyngard a few years to master the technique, building a unique kiln and and using specialist gases to help create the effects with lots of trial and error.

Now the Chatterley pendant is sold to interior designers and architects from all over the world to add a touch of unique elegance to projects.

    • WOODLAND LUSTRE : delicate variegated colours of fern and olive with a golden undertone and highlights of silver.
    • MOONLIGHT LUSTRE : variegated shades of rose gold, deep blue and teal.
    • PEACOCK LUSTRE : variegated tones of blues with highlights of amber and purple lustre.


    Dimensions Large: W 220 x H 295 mm shade only

    Dimensions Medium: W 180 x H 220 mm shade only

    Bulb: E27 / E26 LED light bulb depending. (Max wattage 15 - equivalent to the old style GLS bulb 100 wattage). Bulb not included.

    Fittings can be used with Dimmable bulbs.

    Ceiling kit: E27 / E26 (North America) provided depending on shipping address. Standard 1.5m of Flex provided. Extra Flex can be requested at no extra cost.

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    Shipping on the lustres

    Please note for the lustres it takes 3 to 4 weeks to produce, because of the amount of processes it takes to make the finish.